Turn Your Backyard into an Island Getaway – Imagine a backyard island paradise that you can escape to all summer long, complete with relaxing water features, decorative decking stone and tile. We specialize in designing & building beautiful pools that complete your backyard. Based in Long Island, New York, we’ve built a variety of stunning, custom built swimming pools. When choosing a pool builder for your island paradise, it is essential that you choose a company that has a solid reputation, and a proven process in place. At The Poolsmith Inc. we know and understand the complexities involved with designing and building your dream pool. Below, is the process we use on all pools we create.


STEP 1: Design Consultation
We come out to your property. This process allows us to discuss with you how you envision the pool. Will you use for exercise, entertaining, relaxing, or a combination of all of these. We then show you samples of designs, features, decking, and tile. We also measure your available backyard space and factor in elements such as existing trees and natural features, slope of the terrain, and identify expected utility routing, including septic system. We then take the natural factors, along with your design preferences and will create a design that accommodates them all.

STEP 2: Poolscape Design
Next, we develop a scale drawing of existing yard, structures and elevations along with pool elevations and dimensions based on site and budget. This drawing will convey a custom design, including interior and exterior features. Included will be the design of deck areas to manage anticipated traffic flow and uses, and complete hydraulics and equipment specifications for efficiency. Included will be recommended planting areas, as requested or needed, and advise on specific material and equipment selections.

STEP 3: Poolscape Design Presentation
Once we have a design, we will present the custom design and review all features with you. We also will provide written specifications for all work to be performed, including manufacturer cut sheets and specific construction data. We will review construction sequence and timeline with you that will let you know the expected time for completion. Of course, you’re input is invaluable to us, so we will work with you regarding possible revisions, and/or additions. Once finalized, a complete contract will be furnished that discusses the specifics as needed.

STEP 4: Poolscape Construction Completion
Your dream pool becomes a reality. At this stage, we start the process of doing a physical layout of the pool design in your backyard. From this point, excavation begins, and then construction begins. We oversee every stage – from the shaping of the pool form, plumbing, gunite concrete application, installation of decking, tile and coping, lighting, to the automated pool controls. We ensure that each and every pool built is of the highest quality, and is within budget. While weather is unpredictable, and can throw minor delays into the construction process, The Poolsmith team will work around this to deliver your dream pool as close as possible to the scheduled time-frame and with impeccable quality and beauty.

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