Pool Openings Include:

  • Removal, folding & putting away of cover
  • Setting up of all deck/pool hardware & system**
  • Running & tuning of system
  • Shock  treatment*

*As long as the water level is high enough and there are no repairs needed
**This includes one pump and one filter. Polaris, Heater, Spa, & Waterfall hookups are available for an additional cost

Vacuum, Pool Repair, Water Chemistry Balancing & Cover Cleaning services are available with pool openings for an additional cost

What the customer is responsible for:

  • Making sure that the water level is mid-skimmer
  • Making sure that the cover is clean and dry (Meaning NO water and NO debris or an hourly charge will apply)
  • Make sure that all of the pool equipment is ready and available

Why does the water level have to be mid-skimmer?
The water must circulate thru the pump by way of the skimmer. If the water level is not high enough and the water cannot flow thru the skimmer, the filter system will not be able to circulate the water. If the water is not circulating, chemicals cannot be added to the pool, we cannot do a test run to see if there are any leaks, Unfortunately we cannot stand there and wait for a garden hose to fill the pool and we cannot come back at a later time to fix leaks or tighten connections for free. So, if the water level is not high enough, there will be no guarantee that the filter system will be running and therefore the customer will be responsible for adding the chemicals.